Drew's first day of school

Last week was Drew's first day if 3 year old pre-school.  He was so excited.  Drew is attending a small Christian pre-school that is 2 mornings a week this year and 3 mornings next year.  

Wednesday morning arrived and he woke up bright and early, chipper as ever and could not wait to go to school.  Brendan and Drew were going to meet me at school so we could both take him for his first day.  Unfortunately Brendan was really sick so my mom was able to pick him up and meet me at the school.  Brendan got him all ready and snapped some pictures beforehand.  My mom was to arrive at 8:25am, Drew had his shoes and backpack on at 7:45am.  He was so excited!!  
Drew absolutely loves to wear flip flops and hates to wear socks or shoes.  However, at school they require the kids to wear shoes.  We had to convince Drew that his new shoes were very fast shoes, they would make him fast like Lighting McQueen.  He took the bait and now doesn't mind wearing them to school.

He was just a bit excited.  Even Ruby got in on the first day of school pictures.

Of course Kate saw the picture taking going on and posed for a picture.  She's such a ham.

I met Drew at school and we took a few more pictures.  Of course our sign is upside down.  Oh we'll, we tried.  Working mom trying to rush doesn't bode well for great pictures. 
I took him in and thought there may be some tears as I left.  Nope, nothing.  I asked if he was ok if I left.  "Yep, see you later mommy". Well ok then...  He had a great first day and week of school.  I picked him up after the first day and he said he had made a new friend named Hayden.  He liked Hayden because Hayden also liked to play with front loaders.  Oh to be 3 years old. 

   Drew has been having a great experience with school thus far.  I just can't believe we're already here.  I feel like Drew should still be babbling and crawling.  Life has gone way too fast, and my baby is growing up in the blink of an eye.

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