It's a zoo out there

It's that time of year again when blogs are filled with adorable pictures of little ones in Halloween pictures.  Hold on to your hats everyone because this blog is no different.  Adorable pictures straight ahead.  No I am not bias what so ever....

Drew picked out his costume while we were knee deep with hand, foot and mouth disease at the doctors office.  He was having a bunch of tests run and I was trying to find something to cheer him up.  I received an email from Old Navy that their costumes were 35% off and he thought it seemed like a fabulous idea to order it that day.  Out of the slew of costumes they had he chose a parrot.  Drew is obsessed with animals and it went perfectly with Kate's costume I bought on clearance last year for $10.  

So here we are, a parrot and zebra.  Drew keeps insisting that Brendan and I dress up as the zoo keepers on trick or treat night.  

On Sunday evening we got the kids all dressed in their costumes and went to a trunk or treat at Drew's school.  They had games, crafts and of course trunk or treat for the kids.  Both Kate and Drew had a great time and Drew was blown away that his teachers were there.

We purchased Drew's costume at Old Navy for about $12 and Kate's is from Carter's, I purchased it last year for about $10.  You can't see the cutest part of Kate's costume which is the back and tail, they have pink accents.  They weren't really interested in me taking pictures, they wanted to get going.

Drew was super excited to get a temporary tattoo at the trunk or treat.  It's the small things in life for the 3 years old.
His buddies also attended the event and he loved playing games and making crafts with them.  I told them to all give me a pose. Very fierce bunch we have here.

Our little zebra was a bit timid at first but warmed up after a few minutes and was walking around to the trunks and different activities.  She wasn't all that into getting candy just seeing all the costumes and one fruit tootsie roll a gal gave her.  She had a death grip on that thing.

Today is Drew's school party and he once again got to wear his costume.  He was SO excited!  You could not contain this child from the time he woke up!  Then tomorrow night is actual trick or treat night and again he is so excited to go out and see all the costumes and tell everyone "Happy Halloween"!!  

Totally off topic but we recently got Drew's school pictures back.  Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive.  Look at how old he looks!
I'm in disbelief he's mine.  

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