Pineapple whip

A few days ago I was pinning on the devil, I mean Pinterest and I came across "Pineapple Whip".  Apparently you can only find this stuff at Disney World.  Sounded good enough to be pinned under my largest board, food.  

 Sunday afternoon we were sitting around watching football and I wanted a snack. Something a bit light but ice cream like.  We happened to have frozen pineapple which we don't normally have so I found my pin and went to town.  The recipe calls for three things; pineapple either fresh or frozen, almond milk we don't buy almond milk only regular milk in three varieties, and honey.  I substituted the almond milk for skim milk and went to it.  I really contemplated using Kate's whole milk to make this little treat oh so delicious but went with our skim. 

 I used an entire bag of frozen pineapple, a tablespoon and half of honey and a cup and half of skim milk.  Blend and enjoy
Seriously tasty!!  

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