The making of Kate's Milk and Cookies first birthday party

For Kate's first birthday I knew I wanted something girly and a bit vintage. From there I went to Pinterest, who doesn't go to Pinterest these days?  I came across an adorable Milk and Cookies party and knew that I wanted to create something similar for Our little Cookie who was turning One.

I then went to Etsy and and searched for a printable package for the invites and all the fun little details for the party.  I would try to be one of those moms who make all the cute little details, but let's get real, I am not that talented or crafty.  I can put together a party, but I am so technically challenged my three year old has to show me how to work the iPad.  I came across Allison Powell Designs and they were AMAZING to work with.  I worked with Kristy and she was so accommodating and wonderful to work with.  I would not hesitate to purchase from them once again.  For Kate's party Kristy designed Kate's invite and then I purchased the medium printable package.

From there I started brainstorming about decor.  I always like making poms, so of course I made some poms, a lot of poms.  I use just regular packages of tissue paper, then use Martha Stewart's tutorial on how to create them.

 I used a dark pink and a light pink to offset each other.  Kate's party was at 3:30PM so we served four different kinds of cookies, chocolate milk, two different kinds of white milk, lemonade, pink popcorn and fruit pizza.  We of course also had cupcakes.  

I found these small chalkboards on Jane.com and used to them label the milk and cookies.

I also bought salt water taffy to add in some color.  I threw it in Ball jars and vases and tied the polka dot balloons around them.  As for supplies I found the majority of the supplies on Amazon.  

After all the paper products were purchased I found the favor bags on Etsy. I then slapped a printed label on them from the printable package I purchased.

Favor bags with Kate's label.  The guest took home cookies as their favors.
I also found the straws on Etsy and snatched those up right away.  You need fun straws at a Milk and Cookies party!

We added labels to the water bottles and secured them with a simple piece of scotch tape.
The printable package I purchased was worth every penny!  It included the birthday banner, the water bottle labels, Kate's high chair decorations, the door decorations which I forgot to take a picture of, and cupcake toppers.  You could have utilized much more then I did, I'm just not that crafty.

For the cupcake toppers I cut each one out and then attached two squares together with a toothpick in the middle to create a topper.  

These circle weren't technically supposed to be used as high chair decor but I thought, what the heck.  I just used a bit of tape and went to town.  The birthday hat was made by my mom when I was pregnant with Drew.  She made me both a prince and princess crown for a baby shower because we again didn't know what we were having.  We hadn't used our princess crown so Kate used it for her 1st birthday!

 A few balloons and her high chair was ready for the princess to eat cake.

Both Kate's smash cake and the cupcakes were made by our local grocery store.  I've now gone to them for all of Drew's parties and they've done a great job, so I keep going back.  
We also printed out the birthday banner and my mom strung it together with raffia.  I then put Kate's professional pictures taken my Amy Doerring in frames and displayed on the mantel, added a pom and called it a day. 

Kate's outfit actually came together really easily.  I first knew I wanted to get her a tutu from one of my favorite Etsy sellers.  I talked with Micaela from Littlehbigstyle and she sent me some samples of tulle.  From there I chose the pink ballerina tutu for a newborn.  Kate was so small she didn't need a toddler size just yet. From there I worked with Ali from Right up you Ali and she was AMAZING!  She created Kate's onesie from my random description and me showing her Kate's invite.  She hit the ball out of the park.  Kate's onesie was just a bit different from the picture here, I had Ali incorporate brown into the lettering.

I found Kate's headband at Think Pink Bowtique and her leg warmers at a small store in Denver when I was there visiting my best friend.

In total we had about 25 people at Kate's party.  She had an absolutely wonderful time!  She loved the wrapping paper and cake, couldn't get enough cake into this girl.  At one point I thought she was done and took her smash cake away and she screamed like wounded hyena.  This little lady likes her sweets like her momma!

If you have questions please feel free to email me at abbyitheewed@yahoo.com or leave your question in the comments.


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