18 months

   I've been absolutely horrible at keeping up with Kate's monthly posts, her baby book just about everything that I was right on top of for Drew.  Total mom fail on my part.  This however doesn't mean I haven't been documenting this little ladies life, it's just this momma is a bit busier with two minions and blogging and baby books have taken a back seat.

Today however Kate is 18 months old.  Holy guacamole!!!! Where on  Gods green earth has this time gone?  Kate is now a. Talking, walking and running TODDLER!!  She is the happiest little lady but is sassy to boot.  In the past few months she also started to grow hair and as a bonus it has curls, oh how I swoon over her adorable curls on the back of her head.  

Kate is her brothers mini me and does everything he does.  He coughs, she coughs, he runs around the kitchen, she is following right behind.  They love playing with each other but that also comes with its struggles.  We seem to not have enough toys in our house and they will fight over one tractor because we don't have twelve others or they have a tugging match over one play spatula because there isn't two more laying three inches from where they are standing. We've had many conversations about SHARING, and that Kate may not fully understand that concept.  For the most part they really do play well together and like being around each other.

Kate is still sleeping in her crib and has turned into a pretty great sleeper.  She naps once a day from 12-3PM and then goes to bed around 7PM and wakes up around 6:30AM.  She finally started sleeping through the night around 13 months, 13 very long sleepless months of waking up throughout the night but we just let her do her thing and she figured it out.

This past week we took Kate on her first flight to see my sister get married.  Kate did great.  I will say that 18 months is a hard age to travel with.  They aren't young enough to just fall asleep anywhere but not old enough to understand sit down and sit still. 

Kate is again just like her brother and could spend all day outside if we'd let her. I have no idea where they get this gene, their father most likely because I'm the least outdoorsy person you'll ever meet. She loves being in our backyard, the playhouse and swinging in her swing.  We've had the privilege of taking the kids out and about this summer and whenever we were outside Kate would be happy as a clam. It could be 105 degrees and she was happy, the rest of us were dying but she was content.  

As for clothes this has been the most fun thing about having a girl.  Seriously, I love shopping for Drew but man oh man is shopping for Kate a blast. The leggings, the skirts, the hair bows, I could blow our budget on her wardrobe. Thankfully I'm able to buy a bunch of her clothes on Instagram secondhand or on sale because we all know I love a good sale!!

One of my favorite bow shops is called Forest and Fawn.  Her bows are adorable and her headbands don't leave marks on Kate's head and the clips are really soft for fine hair.  I also find some great deals on Groopdealz and Jane.  These bows are super simple and again very friendly to fine hair because Kate may have some hair but not a lot!

18 months has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  We have been so blessed by this blond hair, blue eyed sweet baby girl.  There are no words to express how full my heart is with the love I have for my children and how blessed I feel that God has granted me these wonderful 18 months with this sweet girl. 

 Hip Hip Hooray, we're 18 months old today!
We love you, sweet Kate!  Happy 18 months!

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