Who's excited?

For aunt Karin's wedding?  


  In a week and a half our whole brood will be out in Boston and my little sister will be getting hitched.  Drew is so excited to go to Boston.  He has no clue what Boston is but he can't stop talking about it.
   All four of us are in the wedding and in the picture above are the kids outfits they will be wearing on the big day.  This is Drew's first time as a ring bearer and he couldn't be more excited.  There are two other little boys that are also playing the part and Drew keeps talking about wearing his tuxedo and walking down the aisle.  Kate is also in the wedding party, as a flower girl.  Who knows how this is going to go over.  We're planning to play it by ear but my little sister wanted everyone in the wedding so we're going to give it a whirl.  Hopefully she'll walk down the aisle with me or with our 8 year old niece who is the other flower girl.  Or she may hang in the back with her daddy who's an usher.  

 Now on to the most important dilemma, what to do with my mop.  My sister would like us to wear our hair up but other then that we can do what we'd like.  My hair is now longer then it's ever been and I'm considering donating it after the first of the year.  More on that later.  It hits below the middle of my back and there is a lot of it.  I've been loving the look of a high updo, but I'm not sold.  So what do you think?  

Here's the bridesmaid dress I'll be wearing, only mine will be in champagne.

Now on to hair.  Here are some ideas I've been drawn to, but I'm open to ideas. 

So what do you think?  Go for the high updo!  Try something else? I don't get a trial run so let's hope this poor person who has to do my hair isn't scared off when they see this mop.


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CampDallas said...

Abby! That bridesmaid dress is gorgeous...you will rock it. Loving your hair ideas (and it makes me long for my long hair again, even if I had become the 'wet hair in a ponytail' girl...)!

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