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We've had quite a few celebrations at our house over the past few weeks and the kids now think balloons and streamers are permanent decor in the living room.  We arrived home from Mexico and we hosted the kids joint Mexican Fiesta, and then the next week Drew celebrated his 4th birthday at preschool.  I didn't realize how big of a deal this was.  Drew informed me that this was HIS day at school, he was the line leader. So we took snacks, Brendan and I went in for the little celebration and Drew introduced us to his class and they sang him his favorite song "Happy Birthday".

Up next was Kate's 2nd birthday on Good Friday.  Kate woke up to balloons in her room that she was not at all impressed with.  She then opened her presents with help from Drew of course.  The weather wasn't all that great so we took the kids to a local wildlife refuge to see the buffalo and then to the best little diner to eat tenderloins and ice cream.  

We explored all the habitats of the local animals here in Iowa. 

Kate kept calling all of the buffalo, elephants. 

The tenderloins and ice cream were delicious.  Kate of course put on a show for everyone in the diner. 

After the diner we took the kids to the park to blow bubbles and fly a kite.  This was Kate's request, she had been asking to blow bubbles all day. We stopped by our house and picked up Ruby on the way to the park.  

We headed home and celebrated our birthday girl one last time.  

That weekend we celebrated Easter.  The kids loved their Easter baskets and tore through them like crazy circus monkeys.  We then headed to church with my parents before enjoying Easter dinner.

Thankfully this past week things have slowed down a bit.  This weekend we are working on our landscaping and planting.  Hopefully it's going to be warm enough we can finally put away our winter coats and get out our gardening gloves.

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