Wedding week

The colors and dress

I am stealing this idea from my friend Bryn and her wedding week. We were married about a year apart to the day and since I am overly obsessed with wedding, this gave me another excuse to fuel my obsession!

First, I have to say that planning our wedding was one the best experiences I EVER had! I loved every minute if! After planning friend's weddings, I thought I would be bored with my own, but nope not the case! Brendan and I were married in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday September 30th 2006. It was a beautiful day out and the most perfect day of my life!

When we were first engaged we decided on a fall wedding. I opted out of the traditional fall decor and went for a chocolate brown & pink color palette with green and champagne to accent.

At the beginning of the year I went dress shopping with my trusty stylists, aka my older sister and my mom. We went to the first store and I wanted a very plain, ivory or champagne gown, nothing on it and then accenting with a brown sash....I didn't even get that far. My mom and sis had chosen some gowns for me to try and I simply fell in love! This was the third dress I tried on and I never tried another one after it! It was completely opposite of what I wanted, it was still chic, elegant and classic! Here is the one I ended up with!
The front looked at though I had a strapless champagne gown with a lace overlay that had cap sleeves. It was brought together with an ivory ribbon belt and clasped with an antique brooch. I wore a simple single pearl long necklace and pearl studded earrings. I actually already had these as a gift from my grandmother. My grandfather gave them to her on their 30th wedding anniversary in 1976. I was so happy that they went perfectly. I then topped it all off with my older sister's veil for the ceremony.
The back detail

A little bit better view of the front
Trying to find a good shot of the front....no having much luck, but you get the idea

Let me just say that I was so happy that I went with the dress I did! It was everything I could have imagined and more! It was different, chic yet still classic! Totally me!!
Stayed tuned tomorrow will be all things flowers and details! Thanks for the great idea Bryn!


julie said...

I have seen your wedding photos from the D&R board on the nest, and everytime, I say out loud, "her dress is amazing!"

. said...

Abby you were a beautiful bride!

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