I've been tagged!!!

Mrs. McB over at Living my Happily ever after tagged me to tell you all 7 random things about myself.... I will preface this with I am not that interesting or random but I will do my best! So here goes nothing....
1. I have a deep passion for working with kids. I work with at-risk childrend and absolutely love my job and field I am in. I feel like it is my calling and my duty to help shape the next generation to better our society.
2. I am currently wanting to run the Chicago marathon next year...wish me luck!
3. I am addicted to sweets...no seriously, anything sweet and I'm in love!!
4. I am starting to want to consider having a baby....never thought I would say that so soon, but it's seeming more appealing to me to be a mom.
5. I love looking at pictures....no matter what it is, old, new, anything. I once spent many hours over my summer break putting all of my families pics into albums..according to date and the person at hand...can we say time consuming!
6. My dream is to start my own non-profit organization for at-risk kids. There are too many children in need and not enough resources. I want to be that outlet for those kiddos.
7. I am addicted to Christmas!!! I love celebrating, buying gifts, eating the yummy goodies and decorating! If I wouldn't be considered abnormal I would leave my Christmas decor up till July!
Ok now I am going to tag.....
Have a great day!

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