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I was asked by a couple of mommies-to-be on the Nest that they would like some fashion help when they start to show. I was thrilled, you know I'm always up for an excuse to induldge myself in some fashion! Anyway, I first went to Polyvore and that site wouldn't allow my to upload, so I had to save each piece to my computer, upload it to scrapblog and then create the boards, export them as jpeg's then email them....PHEW, that was a process. You'll notice they aren't as detailed as the ones I make on Polyvore, but I thought the gals could get the idea, and Target.com doesn't show a lot of accessories online! So enough of my ramblings here they are. Enjoy!

This one is specifically for one of the gals that is a teacher and lives in the south. I thought these pieces would keep her cook and fashionable during the school year.

I love all these pieces for a hot day out or family outting

Another board for the working mommies-to-be

Casual pieces to keep the gals cool and comfortable in the hot summer

Both gals live in southern states, so by June they are going to need shorts, skirts and t-shirts to avoid sweating to death.

A casual or work day outfit
We all know summer is wedding season and these gals will still look fabulous in get-ups like these!
I did the wedge heel because I find them more comfy than a pump yet still fashionable.

I did mostly flats due to them both being 6-8 months in the summer, and I thought flip flops could easily be inserted where flats are.


Meredith said...

Abby, these are all wonderful! I'm not preggo yet, but I'll definitely be keeping these in mind for some day down the road.

Did you run into any pieces that are maternity wear AND come in talls?!

Rose said...

I just briefly looked at this for a second and thought these were for you!!

Good thing I read a little more, instead of just looking at the title and the pictures! :o)

Great ideas!

Newlun said...

I'm curious to know where you found the clothing for your pregnancy inspiration boards? I'm about 4 months pregnant now and am starting to get very frustrated with the lack of clothing options. I feel like I have scoured every store/web site imaginable but apparently you have sources that I have yet to discover! Anyway, I love the boards you put together and would love to know your sources. Thanks!

carina said...


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