Reorganization 101

So I've started to re-organize our entire house, and I mean ENTIRE!! So last weekend B and I made a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I scored some totes and organizational gear to clean up our humble abode. I started with underneath the sink in the kitchen. Oh and also the tv stand. So here are the before and afters! Enjoy!

The tv stand in the living room...A hot mess before...


Totes from BB&B for $5.99 and basket from Pier 1 $10.

Up next, underneath the kitchen sink...

Before....ooohhhh scary!

After= much better!

2 layer rack from BB&B $14.99

Next up....labeling!!


Kristen said...

Impressive! I love the entertainment center re-org! I used these types of cloth bins in our mud room for my kids to kick their shoes into... much better than piles of stinky sneakers!

ck715 said...

looks great!

C said...

Love the TV stand now! I <3 baskets! :)

Karen said...

What a difference Abby, awesome!

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