Winter blues...

So it's the middle of winter in Iowa and I need a vacation! Well that's not going to happen anytime soon. We are going to see Padre and Margie in Ohio I think in March, but it will still probably be cooolllddddd. So the next best thing is looking at pictures from our cruise in August 2007. We traveled with B's fam to Italy, Sicily, Turkey and a slew of Greek islands. So I thought I would post some beautiful pics from that vacation to warm everyone up and cure the winter blues. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mykonos, Greece

Athens, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Rhodes, Greece
Amalfi Coast in Italy

Enjoy your weekend!


platinum blonde said...

your photos were definitely a nice escape, they have also tempted me to book a trip!

Dunc said...

I was just wishing for Hawaii today, so we're on the same wavelength. Why can't it be summer?!?!

Rose said...

So jealous! It is too cold today!!

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