Casa de A&B

Today I did some major spring cleaning, as in scrubbed the kitchen floor in my hands and knees, now it's very slickERY as our 3 year old niece calls it. I also did some picture taking to show my faithful readers some updates to Casa de A&B.

First, my new table setting for spring. I combined some green dishes with our white ones and some green placemats from C&B, along with a hurricane from there as well. Very simply but what can I say, I love me some green!

Next, a few weeks back B and purchased two black shelves from my favorite place on earth Target! We hung them above our couch in the livingroom and I think they turned out pretty well. We also rearranged our livingroom and we are really liking it!

To go along with the shelves I had a hurricane from C&B and add some berries for a filler with the green candle on our coffee table.

We also had Ruby's 1st birthday party this weekend and I will post some pictures of that later this week.


Jennifer said...

Everything looks great!! I love the table setup!!

C said...

Looks fab!! I need to get working on a new place setting! Oh, and I love those shelves too! :)

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

i love the table set up as well as those little berries in the vase! so clever!

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