Spring has sprung

At least in my mind it has! Although mother nature has a different idea. I have found myself over the past year completely in love with the color green. I've never been attracted to it before, but as of lately I can't live without it. As I opened the new spring catalogs from Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn, I was not disappointed. I was a little overwhelmed with the prices but that's my challenge, find or make these items for MUCH, MUCH cheaper!

Ok, first I know that we JUST got new bedding, but I am thinking of this for a guest bedroom for a phantom new house that has 4 bedrooms 3 baths and a white picket fence! A girl can dream can't she!

Next for our new bedding, to brighten things up in the room, I thought of replacing the current bedskirt with an ivory one and replacing the aqua and ivory pillows with some green and ivory throws. Then I thought about turning down the brown duvet and getting a grass green blanket to be exposed instead of our feather blanket. So a few ideas for some pillows....

Then for the green blanket..
Something like this perhaps???

As you can tell Casa de A&B will be green this season and next...I just can't help myself!


Lindsey said...

LOVE the bedspread!

C said...

Looovee the bedding! So classy!

Stacy said...

Hi there im on the nest as well as ive been following your blog. I seen you have a thing for green and so do i. Theres a site thats really great thought id share it with you its : http://www.decorgreen.com/

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