Happy Birthday Ruby!

On the 14th our little girl Ruby will turn one year old! I can't believe that we have already had her for 9 months and the time has flown by. I first went to see Ruby over my lunch hour on June 20th, 2008. She was so small and weak, but had the cutest face ever! That evening we went back and adopted her on the spot! We arrived at 5:15pm, they closed at 5:30pm and we were at PetCo buying her a crate, leash, food, and toys by 6pm. That night she had a bath, her white was yellow and the next morning we wer off to Chicago with Ruby in tow. When we got back we were in for a treat with her getting sick and having to be hospitalized, but ever since then she has been the perfect picture of a healthy and happy puppy!

Ruby has added so much joy to our lives, we don't know what we'd do without her. We love her like she's our child and thank God everyday that we are blessed with her as our pet. Happy birthday our little cuddle bug!

Some of my favorites of her when she was just a puppy!


Holly and Sean said...

Happy Birthday Ruby!!!

C said...

I love the one where he's on the dock! So precious!!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Ruby!!!

Amber said...

We feel the same way about our dog too; we do not know what our lives would be like without her. Dogs are just such amazing pets with un-conditional love and you just can't get enough!!!

Mrs. McB said...

Happy birthday Ruby!!!!!!!

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