Shopping I went.

My first stop was Forever 21. I am usually not a fan of their clothes due to lack in quality, however my first thought was I won't be wearing these for too long and I didn't want to go overboard, and good thing I didn't. So I will be sporting these pieces this season, but I can't see them making to next spring because although they call if Forever 21, it should be called 3 washes and it's done!

This fun little tank layerd with a white tank and paired with linen pants from the same store. Add some funky jewels and VIOLA! We have an outfit!

At Khols, I have fallen in love with their Simply Vera line. First I adore Vera Wang, I wish I could be her apprentice and at these affordable prices, who wouldn't fall in love??
I snagged her black purse at 60% off and I swear I will carry this purse forever. It holds all my junk, my planner and could still hold a small child if I need!
Classic, black and sleek, exactly what I aspire to be! Ok, not the exact one, but similar. I will take a pic of mine and post it later this week. I wouldn't make as big of a deal over the purse, but I am seriously in love!

Ok, now on to the real point of this post. Simply Vera for Khols. Oh my goodness, if you haven't seen it, you need to! Who doesn't love Vera and who wouldn't love her pieces at affordable prices. Here are just a few pieces....

Did I mention that I am the proud new owner for this coat. Perfect for spring!

So my point is, go check out Simply Vera at Khols. Very affordable, classic, chic and so fitting for so many women!

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Dylan's Mommy said...

LOVE that purse!! Can't wait to see pics of the real thing. I may have to stop by my "friendly neighborhood Khols" and pick one up myself :)

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