Disaster zone

Today I was gone most of the day for work. B called me on my way home and said I left you a surprise. He then stayed on the phone with me until I arrived at Casa de A&B.

Here's a little backstory, we have been keeping my parents dog Sparkie while they are out of commission. So Sparkie has a bed that used to be Ruby's. He brought it for his stay at our house.

Ok, back to my point. So I get home and Sparke comes to meet me at the door. I got into our bedroom and here's what I see.......

Sparkie wondering what the heck has happened to my comfy bed!!!

Ruby that little stinker had chewed holes in Sparkies bed and removed most of the stuffing. The bed actually has two parts, a cushion and the bed with a stuffed rim. So I then stuffed it all back in the bed and sewed it up! B and I both got a good laugh out it and Ruby was so scared she wouldn't even get off hte bed, until I went and rubbed her head! All in all, this was too funny not to share!


Karen said...

OMG Abby!

Amber said...

This is too funny! You are right, way too cute not to post. And I am sure it was tough to be mad at Ruby!

Katie said...

my puppy totally did the SAME thing!! they are such little rascals.

We now only let him sleep on a towel in his cage because he can't tear the stuffing out of it! oh puppies ;)

cute blog by the way....I'll be following.


Mrs. McB said...

HaHa! Sounds like a jealous Ruby. :)

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