Miss Stella turns 4!

A few weeks ago our niece Stella turned 4 years old! I can still remember the day she was born. Seems like yesterday, but instead of diapers and rattles, she loves everything pink, princess and Hanna Montana!

B and I have started taking each of our nieces and nephews out for a birthday outing with their Auntie and uncle. They get so many presents each birthday, we thought this would be a fun way for us to spend time with each one indivudually and do something they would like.

This year Miss Stella wanted to go and pick out an outfit. So we did just that. We went to the mall and she picked out a striped dress and shoes from Gap Kids and then we thought she needed some tights or socks. Well low and behold she picked out the striped socks....B and I suggested te plain navy ones and she agreed.

We then went to Stellas Diner for some milk shakes and grilled cheese. She absloutely loved it!! On the way home she was out like a light!!! All in all a good birthday celebration for the new 4 year old princess!
All smiles on her special day!

Uncle B getting a shake poured on his head!

Miss Stella and one of her favorite aunties!

The little princess ready to go home!

Happy Monday!


Meredith said...

That's such a great idea for a birthday present! Maybe we'll have to start implementing that with our nieces and nephew as well!

julie said...

How fun that you are able to do that! :) Great memories!

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