Last week my little niece had her spring break.  I thought it would be fun to have her over for an afternoon of Barbie's and cupcakes.  We first went to pick up all my old Barbies from my mom's house.  Then we came to my house to make some delicious cupcakes and play Barbies.  Stella is an absolute chocolate nut like me so there was no question we should have chocolate cupcakes, chocolate frosting and decorations.  It's not hard to entertain a girly 4 year old who loves chocolate.  We also decided to make some rainbow cupcakes again with chocolate frosting.  Did I mention we both love chocolate. 

Stella was a great cook and as I frosted the cupcakes, she decorated.  The cupcakes had a lot of toppings, but that's what she wanted!  As for the Barbies, remember they were mine and can you say HELLO, 1990 called and they want all their Barbie clothes back!  Seriously, it was hysterical, tappered pants, short shorts for ken and spandex for skipper and barbie.  It brought back so many memories!

After all was said and done Stella and I enjoyed a cupcake and lemonade out on our deck.  A perfect afternoon for two girly girls.  Check out all the chocolate on Stella's face!

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DianeTaylor said...

How adorable is she? Love the pics!!! I just wanted to wish you ALL THE BEST as you welcome half pint into the world. You deserve this happiness - and there is sooooo much more to come, Abby - just wait! My son is off on his own now but he is by far the best thing I have ever done in my life.
GOD BLESS you - I hope everything goes smoothly for you. I'll be praying and we will all be waiting to see your little one :):)

Take care - dt

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