October 4th

October 4th will always hold a special place in my heart. One year ago today was my due date with my first pregnancy that I carried to 12.5 weeks.

As I woke up today I very well knew the date as did Brendan. Over breakfast we talked about how different our life would have been if I would have carried that pregnancy to term. The one thing that stuck me as odd.... I wasn't sad, yet I had this overwhelming feeling of peace and gratitude.

Although October 4th would have been our first childs first birthday, that wasn't Gods divine plan for us, and although that time when we lost our first baby was so devastating and heartwrenching, I can't help but be thankful today for the beautiful and healthy son I have and without losing our first baby, he wouldn't be here. To be very honest, I took my first pregnancy for granted. I got pregnant on our first try and I thought, heck this is easy. Our struggle made me appreciate the blessings we were given that much more. I didn't realize how easily life can be taken away from you in an instant, but now I do and our first baby althought only with us a short time taught me a very valuable lesson.

So today on October 4th, we celebrate the blessings we have been given, the lessons I have learned and the beautiful son we have been given through it all.

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Leah said...

What a great outlook Abby! I'm sure you'll be giving plenty of kisses today!

Julie S. said...

Beautiful post! :)

Steph said...


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