Drew is 11 months old

Drew hit 11 months two weeks ago. Oy vey, where did my baby go?!? I do have to say that I am loving this stage of his development. He reacts to our emotions in trying to make him laugh, his belly laughs are the best. Drew is still a cuddle bug and now gives hugs, ahhh melt my heart.

On the movement front, Drew is now full on walking as his preferred mode of transportation. He's walking fast too, I see running in a few months, which is scary to think about.

This month Drew has been really into his trucks and making loud noises when he moves the trucks. He still takes his lovey Mr. Cow with him every where, we even purchased a second cow in case Mr. Cow #1 bites the dust.

This month Drew decided baby food was for the birds and is loving feeding himself finger foods. Some of his favs are string cheese, toast, pears and pasta. This child is a pasta hound! I've had to get a bit creative and mix some veggie purees in the pasta sauce, so he gets some veggies. He doesn't even notice!

Other than that this month has been pretty mellow and fun! His birthday is fast approaching. Getting his 11 month picture was a bit of a task. He would sit for 1 second and then he was off. This boy is always on the move now! 11 months has truly been one of bliss for me as a mom. I can't imagine it gets better, but I know it does.

Have a great weekend!

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Lindsey said...

He's so big! Just as cute as ever too.

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