Drew's birthday invite

We are getting ready to have Drew's first birthday party.  We will be celebrating with our families and when we went to take his first year photos with Amy Doerring, she suggested doing a birthday invite.  Well, sure, why not, I didn't have one in mind!  Drew wore his shirt from the Etsy seller Little One Boutique.  The shirt is adorable and matches perfectly to the colors we are using for his party.  Remember, we don't have a "theme" per say, we're just using primary colors. 

On to the invite, they are two sided, the front is Drew's picture and the back has all the party info.
Simple, classic, just like I wanted it!

The back:

I personally LOVE how they turned out, but I'm bias because he's my son and I think he's a handsome little devil!  I seriously can not believe I'm planning his first birthday party, or that this post is about his first birthday invites.  I know everyone tells you time flies when you have a baby, but geesh, I didn't really believe them!  Now I've eaten my words!  Time really has flown and my baby is growing up!


platinum blonde said...

He is too adorable and is is getting so big! Love it!

Lindsey said...

I think they're perfect!

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