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My Grandpa Francis has been a staple in my life, well since I was born.  He's been at every birthday, every event, even sat through 3 hours dance recitals when I was younger.  He's a trooper. My grandpa has taught me so much and still is to this day.

 My grandfather sadly lost his wife of 64 years in October of 2009, she was also my grandmother just in case you were wondering.  Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my grandpa, because I think he rocks.  He's 86 years old, and after losing my grandmother decided he had two decisions, he could in fact waste away in their home or he could live.  He chose to live, and in fact he lives in the 21st century!

   21st Century you ask, well Grandpa you see here, owns a cell phone and recently started texting....GASP, who knew an 86 year old could text.  That's not all people, he has email and emails me more forwards than one could imagine and I love every email I get from him!  Wait, wait a second, last week, after wintering in Arizona with his "friend" (she's his girlfriend, I'll get back to this) he went and purchased a new Mac desktop.  Uh, I don't even have a Mac, I would love one, but hey my grandpa does!  He's rocking it out in 2011!  I'm so impressed with his will to live life after grandma passed away, and his ability to actually understand technology is incredible.  Not that I don't think he could understand it, but we are the Y2K generation, he's from the generation of horse and buggy.  I'm so thoroughly impressed with my grandpa, he's now even got a girlfriend.  She calls herself a cougar because she's 87.  She was one of my grandma's dearest friends growing up, and when my grandparents went on their first date, it was a double date.  My grandpa's now girlfriend was in the other couple.  How crazy is that! 

My Grandpa has taught me so much in my life, but over the last year and a half, he's taught me how to enjoy life even after facing adversity.  He lost the love of his life and yet he chose to live. 

Cheers to living each day, as though it may be your last!

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Natalie said...

Love it! My grandparents are a little younger (mid-70s) but they're just like your grandpa---texting, on facebook, etc...my grandma dresses more hip than me sometimes :)

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