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Today as Drew and I were heading to the doctor it popped into my head that I wanted to share a few products with my readers that I am loving these days for my toddler.  I did a post when Drew was a newborn about newborn essential products I couldn't live without, but he's grown out of most of those and so I thought, it's time.  I haven't been paid or asked by any of these companies or products to endorse their product, I just really do like each and every one of them.

First, I'll start with a recent purchase in January of a new diaper bag.  I had been using our Skip Hop Dash Deluxe in Charcoal and I really loved it.  However, now when we go anywhere with Drew, we don't need as much STUFF!  I wanted a diaper bad that looked more like a purse but was still very functionable as a diaper bag.  I found one at Nordstrom and snatched it up.  It just also happened to be a Skip Hop bag as well,  this time it was the Versa

 After this bag arrived in the mail and I looked at it, I was amazed at the space that it had in it.  It actually has more space than the Dash Deluxe and I love that it looks like a purse I would carry.  I can fit so many things in this bag it's ridiculous!  I can fit my stuff as well as the much needed diaper bag essentials.  I seriously love this bag.  I wish I would have purchased this one from the beginning!

Next is the Nuk sippy cup.  We are currently transitioning from bottles to sippy cups in our house and let me tell you, I should take up stock in sippy cups because we've invested in so many.  Drew was really having a hard time drinking from any kind of sippy until I found this Nuk easy learner sippy at our local grocery store. 

 From the first time Drew drank from this, it's been smooth sailing.  I have no idea what it is about this cup, but he loves it.  I personally love it too, because it has a lid and it's easy to put together, it has an adjuster to determine how much liquid it coming out to make it easier for your child to drink. 

Our Fisher Price Space Saver high chair is next on my list.  We don't have a large house by any means and our dining room where we eat again is not large.  After finding this high chair, it's been absoutely wonderful in saving us space.  My worry with a large high chair was that I would constantly be moving it and basically it would just be in the way.  This seemed like a great option for our situation, and it has been.  I purchased the chair off of Amazon and we've now had it a little over 6 months and have had no complaints. 

What I really love about this product is how simple it is to clean.  The cover and straps can both be washed and with our messy eater, they are frequently washed.  Then the rest of the chair is plastic.  A quick wipe down with a wet cloth and it looks brand new.  We usually leave it on one chair all the time, but if we have guests over and need the other chair, it's super simple to just unlatch and remove.

For Drew's birthday my parents got him the Little Tykes Swing Along Castle and he absolutely adores this thing!  Every morning he wakes up and runs to the sliding glass doors, looks out at it in the back yard, points and smiles, like mommy can we go play?  We have spent every nice day thus far outside swining and sliding down the slide.  Brendan even taught him to slide down on his own last weekend when I was gone.

This was a great option for us, knowing Drew loves to swing, but we have no trees that we could hang a swing from, my mom found this and so far, he loves it and it has entertained him for hours.  He can go down that slide hundreds of times and not get bored, he swings and just giggles, and he loves to push the swing too.  Now we just have to master climbing up with the slide.

I don't know if your child is like mine, but he loves buttons, any kind of buttons.  He would always, with no fail turn off the cable box in the living room, tv on or not.  Brendan went out and found a solution to this problem, a cable box screen.  I knew there had to be something out there like this!

Now, our shows still get recorded and Drew still has plenty of buttons on other toys to play with.  He's now on to the remotes.

Lastly, I'm going to tell you about our convertible car seat.  I love this car seat and I'm sure there are other great ones out there, but my undying love for this one is what you're going to read about.  Drew hated the car from day 1.  I mean would scream, the entire time.  We even bought a DVD player for the car so he could watch Baby Enstein videos.  Those helped a bit, but he basically hated his car seat.  When Drew was 6 months old and weighed 20lbs, we decided it was time to look into a convertible car seat.  I did my research and found one that met the highest standards of safety ratings and the best part, it sold for $150.  This car seat scored as well or better than your high end car seats.  So we were sold.  We went, we purchased, Drew has been a new car rider since.  I think it has to do with sitting more upright or something because man oh man, this child is now pretty darn content in that car seat. 

This is the Evenflo Triumph LX and this is exact pattern that we purchased and we couldn't be happier.  It's very simple to adjust the straps and install the seat itself.  It's equipped the latch system and even comes with a nifty little cup holder.  I was personally sold on this seat inparticular with the safety ratings and then the price!

I hope these product recommendations can help someone someone looking for something to make their life a bit easier or entertain their toddler.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Carissa said...

Abby - thanks for this post. I have been searching for a new diaper bag that isn't as big for awhile and think I will purchase the Skip Hop Versa too - it is so cute!! You are the best!

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