We got creative

We were staying in a hotel these past few days due to a business meeting for Brendan's job. When traveling with a toddler there are certain hurdles one must overcome to continue the trip in a peaceful manner. One being nap time. Our child needs his naps. Now, he can do fine with one longer nap each day but functions 10x better with two naps daily but I'll take what I can get when we are away from home.
As we were traveling to our destination we were thinking how in the world are we going to get this child to nap a. When there's any light in the room and b. If we are in the hotel room?!?!? Well, we fixed hurdle B by getting ajoining rooms with my parents so Drew can nap and we are out of sight. See, if he sees us, play time is on! Nap time is thrown by the wayside! Now to hurdle A... We get to our room and see that even with the shade closed the room is still in fact pretty darn bright, our toddler has slept for all of 2o minutes on the 4 hour drive, it was 2pm and he had woken up at 6am. Someone hand me a cocktail please! So we got creative. The shower and potty are in a separate area from the sink, and it creates a great little nook or closet like space that just fits our pack and play. We shoved it in there, turned on his fan we brought, turned off the lights and my friends my toddler happily napped next to the potty and shower while we were away from home. He couldn't reach either nor was he in any danger, just a couple of parents, getting creative.

Drew got his much needed sleep and Brendan and I chilled out in my parents room ajoining ours catching up on my favorite Bravo TV shows.

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