22 weeks

My lovely self-portrait.
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Motherhood Maternity

I've now hit the 22 week mark, and again I know I say this each and every week, but hitting these weekly milestones again is so surreal to me. When I first found out I was pregnant with Peanut I believed it, but I was constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. We went through hell and back to losing to babies prior to Drew and I thought there was no way my body could know what to do again so perfectly as it did with Drew. I didn't have the faith in God that he has my back in every and all circumstances and will carry me through even my darkest of days. Once again his grace and glory have amazed me by giving Brendan and I this baby that is growing each daily becoming stronger and healthier each waking moment to prepare for his/her arrival in April. Back in August I lost sight of my faith and my hope, yet he did not waiver. That's the glorious thing about God, he will never falter.

As I have come across the 22 week mark this little Peanut has started his/her career as a soccer player. You can now see my belly jump and move every so often. It still is astonishing to me that there's a little human in my belly. We go back for our first growth ultra sound next week to check the cord insertion measurement that was a bit questionable at our anatomy scan. Then two weeks after that I get to have the lovely glucose test, I don't mind the test itself, the sugary drink I have to choke down makes me want to gag.  I've now gained a total of 12 pounds, I swear most of it is in my chest.  I am still wearing most of my regular shirts with a tank under, but I have made the switch to maternity pants.  I would love to hear if anyone has found an awesome pair of maternity tights, I have some from Target and they are huge!  I bought my regular size medium and yet the top is enormous, I obviously know why, but I wonder if anyone had adjustable tights?

All in all a pretty low key update but I like it that way.  I'm still feeling good, my heart is cooperating and seems to be doing really well thus far, so I can't be anything but ecstatic.

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