In the next few months our house is going to be full of transitions. Sunday night we took one large step out into the wide blue yonder, we transitioned Drew to his toddler bed. Sunday morning I walked into his room and he had one leg up over his crib rail and his bum smack dab on the rail, ready for the great fall to the floor. As you can imagine I was stunned and amazed, but I shouldn't have been, he is almost 21 months old and it's bound to happen.
Sunday night we converted his crib to the toddler bed with the rail up, and he was so excited! He was more than content just playing in his bed. My mom brought him an Elmo book called Big enough for a Bed.  This is now the book that must go to bed with him after we've read it and I do think Drew is pretty proud of his new big boy bed.  Sunday night he did wonderfully, Brendan put him to bed at 7:30 and he woke up once at 3:30 after he lost his paci, I went in gave it back to him and he was down for the count until 6:45am.  I was so proud of my little boy, it's the small things in life...
  Monday afternoon at nap time Brendan and I got some comedic relief from Drew.  He was all about exploring his room at this point, which we expected.  He would go over to his end table get one book, take it back to his bed, read it, then return it to the table.  This went on for 3 different books, then he got his huge sheep pillow, took that into his bed and proceeded to have a conversation with her.  It consisted of Hi!  I want some!  It was absolutely adorable and Brendan and and I sure got a kick out of it.  He then fell asleep and slept for close to two hours. 
  Last night we had another great result, Drew went right to sleep at 7:30 and slept until 6am this morning.  Have we mastered the transition, absolutely not, I know there will be nights that we have to put him back in his bed or he will fall asleep on the floor, but so far so good.  This transition has been pretty smooth for us, and I think for Drew too. 

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