My Christmas list

My Christmas list this year is a bit all over.  With not needing or wanting many clothes due to the ever growing belly I had to really think of some things I wanted.  Usually clothes are my go to, I can send my parents or Brendan links, easy peasy to click on the link and order online!   This year, not so much, but I was able to find some things that will be useful and much appreciated.

A new makeup bag, mine broke.  I'd love one that has the brush storage on it as well.

New baking pans, I'm really exciting...

A prenatal massage

What's on your Christmas list this year?


Brookey said...

What kind of makeup bag is that?

Abby said...

Hi Brookey, I don't know the exact brand of the one I posted in 2011 but that year my husband found one similar to the one I posted at Sephora. I'm sorry I don't have more detailed info. Have a great day.

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