23 weeks

Christmas Eve I crossed the 23 week mark of brewing this little peanut. This week I'm still feeling pretty darn good and can't complain. I have noticed it's starting to get a little tough to put on and take off my tall boots. It feels like there's a wedge in the way of me bending over, oh wait... There's a big ole bump of baby and Christmas cookies in the way. By the way, I swear I've gained 5 pounds this week alone due to the awesomeness of Christmas cookies and goodies. I'm a glutton when it comes to sweets.
We received a couple of adorable gifts this week for Peanut, one in which is so tiny I can't imagine Drew being that small, but he sure was. We'll take that teeny tiny outfit to the hospital for Peanut to wear.
As for my bump I can tell it's really starting to round out and look more full. I *think* I may have popped, but I'll let you be the judge.

I'm now in all of my maternity pants, but still use my Bella band to hold the hip area up. I'm pretty darn sure I had gained more weight when I was pregnant with Drew than with Peanut. I started 10lbs. heavier with Drew than I did with this pregnancy so I'm assuming that's where the Bella band comes in handy. No sense in buying all new maternity jeans just for a short period of time. Speaking of maternity jeans I did get one new pair this pregnancy when I used my gift card to Pea in a pod/Destination maternity/Motherhood Maternity. I didn't know that all three stores were connected and that online you can shop all three stores and the items go to the same cart, same check out. You get the idea. I purchased some jeans with their secret belly fit and I love them! The panel is extremely comfy and will fit throughout this entire pregnancy, the legs are straight with a boot cut to them and the top where the waist band should be is smooth so there's no clumping or bumping when your shirt is over them. I highly recommend these jeans. The jeans

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!

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