A look back

2011 was a great year for all of us, so I thought we'd take a look back.

In January Drew melted my heart by watching his daddy leave for work each day. He also started walking, and went directly to running in a matter of days.

In February we received the good news that we would be welcoming two miracles into the family.  My older sister who went through infertility treatments was expecting identical twin boys.   Drew also was the proud new owner of an awesome hat from Lindsey's Loops.

In March we celebrated making it through the first year of Drew's life and everyone was still alive!  We held a little shindig for Drew that was all about primary colors.

In April I told you about the kitchen island Brendan built to help the wide open yonder that was our great room.

May brought some beautiful weather and me finding myself two new doctors in preparation for someday trying to have a second baby.

June rolled around and we were preparing to depart to Grand Cayman, and we asked you to Ask US anything.

In July sadly we lost our dear friend and neighbor to a motorcycle accident, I was the recipient of a stranger so kind paying it forward and challenged you to pay it forward and we answered your burning questions and we went on vacation!

In August we welcomed Charlie Robert and Max William to the family.  Our nephews were born on August 15th, 2011.  Drew got his first big boy haircut, and looked like a little man instead of a baby.
September brought fall in Iowa and Drew's first plane ride to see his grandparents. Brendan and I also celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss on September 30th.

October we were elated to share our good news that our family would be expanding by 2 feet in April 2012.
November brought our Halloween recap, the end of the first trimester and unseasonably warm temperatures for Iowa.

2011 was full of blessing and happiness for all of us here at Life with B&A.  We are looking forward to many happy times and a year full of new adventures in 2012.  Happy New Year!

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