In late February Brendan and I took off and headed to Barbados. I was just hitting 32 weeks and it was the last week I could fly out of the country. We stayed at the Hilton Barbados and although it did rain 2 days, we had a wonderful time.

We flew to Miami the first day and had to overnight in a hotel due to lack of flights to Barbados. From Miami the flight was around 3.5 hours. After talking with my OB I made sure to drink a ton of water to help with swelling, on the way there this worked like a charm.
Our hotel was right on the beach and the view from the room, fabulous!

We mostly sat by the beach and pool and just relaxed. Brendan did go deep sea fishing one day while I sunned my buns on in the sand.

One rainy day we headed over to the Mount Gay Rum distillery. According to them this company was started in 1703. Thank you to the Bajians for inventing a fabulous addition to my daiquiris, well when not pregnant.

At the end of our tour there was a cocktail hour, Brendan ended up making drinks behind the bar.

We also headed in to Bridgetown one day to do a little shopping. If you needed anything duty free it was a great place to shop, otherwise souvenir wise, there wasn't much. We ended up just bringing our parents who watched Drew, rum.

Overall we had a very relaxing trip. It was a fab beach and I had the best company!

Our trip home to Iowa was a bit uncomfortable. My feet and legs were burnt and I started swelling on the plane. I was also much more uncomfortable on the planes on the way back, but let's get real I was nearly 33 weeks pregnant and just had gone on vacation, I shouldn't complain. We were very happy to be home and snuggle the little man!

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