Drew's big boy room

A few months ago we started the transformation of our guest room into Drew's big boy room. My original inspiration was a gray paint from our local hardware store called poetic. Other than that, I had nada, zip, zilch. The one thing we did have was Drew's twin bed my grandpa built him. My grandpa has built each of the great grand kids their first twin bed. We decided to finish the bed black. One weekend Brendan painted the bed black and we moved Drew in to his new bed.

I found his new bedding online Amazon. his bedding can be found here. We were very nervous moving him from his toddler bed AKA crib to his twin bed, but he did amazingly well. We took him to pick out his own sheets and he chose tractors, and my light bulb went on, I was going with a vintage tractor look for his room. Everything else kind of morphed from there.

Next up was the dresser and curtains. Drew had red curtains in his nursery so I moved those over and purchased longer red curtains to replace the closet doors.

His red chair went with his room perfectly and we are just waiting on the bookshelf my father in law built him to complete this corner.

Brendan then painted a dresser we had in our basement that was just collecting dust. We replaced the hardware and went from there.

We hung his red coat rack, added his favorite Suzy the sheep pillow and a sheep rocker to go along with the vintage tractor/ farm theme. Above the dresser we hung a long frame with pictures of barns and goats by my friend Amy Doerring.

We then hung his D-R-E-W letters from his nursery on the wall next to the dresser.

We completed our wall hangings with two pictures of red vintage tractors again by my friend Amy.

We completed the "look" of his room with a few of Brendan's old tractors, a simple lamp, his piggy bank and an Elmo sign from his birthday party(he's in love with his sign and it matches).

Drew has now been in his room for over 2 months and he loves it. He'll go in and sit in his chair, read his books and be completely content. He loves his big boy bed and is happy to show any visitor that comes by our house his bed.

Overall, we're very happy with how everything turned out. To see Drew's joy of being in his room is well worth all the painting and moving!

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imavera said...

I love it! Great job!

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