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  This past Sunday we hosted around 35 of our close family and friends during our birthday palooza weekend for Drew's John Deere tractor party. Remember, Saturday we hosted Kate's Milk and Cookies party. Saturday night I got everything ready and loaded up to be shipped out to the barn early Sunday morning. WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING? Again, I still have no idea why I scheduled two partied in one weekend. It's now Friday and I'm still tired. Back to the party.

   Sunday morning bright and early we headed out the barn about 15 minutes from our house and started getting the decorations up and baking the egg casseroles. Thank the good lord for my parents. If it weren't for them I wouldn't have been able to pull both of these parties off. For Drew's party we served a breakfast with egg casserole, donut holes, fruit salad, coffee cake, cookies and cupcakes. Drew was beyond excited that morning and couldn't wait to go out the to barn. It was a perfect brisk Iowa day and the kids were able to be outside and enjoy the surroundings of the barn. We were able to get all of the decorations up and food cooked just in time before the guests arrived. The owners of the barn were beyond gracious and brought down a corn planter for the kids to get their picture taken in.

The barn came with tables and chairs and we brought all the decorations. We made the poms and the large 3 with Drew's pictures on it from the past year.  Other than that I ordered most of the decor from Amazon or etsy.  On each of the tables we used Drew's toy tractors to tie the balloons to and add a little festive vibe to the barn.

Remember how I said Drew was super excited for his party?  He really looks like it, doesn't he?

He loved all the tractor decorations and his big 3 with all of his pictures on it.

I found some John Deere hat cupcake toppers that were a hit! I also used Drew's John Deere dump truck to store the loot bags in during the party.

After everyone had finished eating breakfast we had a tractor pinata for the kids to break open.  We brought Drew's plastic bat and in hindsight we should have brought a Louisville Slugger.  That little booger wouldn't break open.  Each kiddo had a turn and our 9 year old nephew was fianlly able to break it open for all the kids.  You would have thought these kids had never seen candy before.

The kids had a BLAST with the pinata!

We had a great time at the party and so did the kids.  Drew keeps talking about his tractor party and how fun it was.  I'll do a recap of where I got everything in another post in the near future, so stay turned!

Have a great weekend!


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