Random spring musings

This past Friday Drew had his last day of preschool and his spring concert.  He has loved preschool and can not wait to go back next year.  His teachers are simply amazing and we are so thankful they have been put in Drew's life to help shape and love him.  The spring concert was adorable!  They danced and sang, we laughed and cried.  Drew is so animated when he gets up on stage, it's so enjoyable to watch.  

This spring was also Drew's first year playing soccer.  He was so excited and we spent the winter playing"ball" in the basement.  He was part of the Raptors team and had a blast practicing and playing with his team on Saturday mornings.  It was an added bonus that his cousin was also on his team.  It was a trip watching these little guys play each week.  He is looking forward to playing again in the fall.  I have officially taken of the title of soccer mom.  

We also had our 4th ER visit in four years for Drew.  We were rearranging our living room furniture and he was messing around when he launched himself off the couch and right in to the end table.  He hit his eye and opened up a nice size cut right on his eyebrow.  Thankfully he avoided his eye by centimeters.  We thought he was going to have his first set of stitches but the doctor was able to glue it back together. This visit was one year and two days after he split his chin open at the park with a babysitter.  I think he may spend the remainder of his childhood wrapped in bubble wrap.

He's smiling because he got a new tractor out of the whole deal.  His cut has healed very well and it looks like there should be minimal scarring. 

Kate's been around this spring too.  She isn't the forgotten child.  She's such a sweetheart but has a sassy streak in her too.  She has a little buddy at daycare that she loves going to see each day and loves talking about him each night.  She had a blast at Sesame Street Live, she danced in our row and pointed at each of the characters she knew. 

This past weekend we took the kids out to my parents lake house to enjoy the water, sand and boat.  Although the weather wasn't the best, we still had a great time getting away for a bit.  
Both kids love driving the boat with Pobo (my stepdad)
Drew might be a fisherman, he could have fished for hours.
Ruby loved swimming and chasing sticks in the water.  Drew asked if we could just live at the lake.  I wish, buddy. 

Kate refused to touch the sand, but has beach fashion down.

This past week the weather finally started to get nice and we were able to blow up our new pool and have our first nighttime swim.  

I have one day of work left before I'm done for two months.  Although our summer is super busy I'm so excited to spend time with the kids visting local parks and playing in our backyard. This spring has flown by as I'm sure this summer will, but I can't wait. 

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